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395 Express Lanes

395 Express Lanes Project

Extending the 95 Express Lanes for eight miles north to the D.C. line, the 395 Express Lanes will reduce congestion in the I-395 corridor, increase capacity by adding an additional HOV lane to create three reversible lanes on I-395 and extend the benefits and travel options of the 95 Express Lanes farther north.

The 395 Express Lanes will operate just like the 95 Express Lanes in Northern Virginia. Carpoolers and sluggers with three or more people in the vehicle will continue to travel for free with an E-ZPass® FlexSM set to HOV mode. Those willing to pay a toll will be able to access the Lanes 24/7 with an E-ZPass®.

The existing HOV entry and exit points on the current I-395 HOV lanes will become accessible for toll paying customers. However, the Seminary Road ramp delivered in 2016 will remain HOV only. Improvements will be made to Eads Street interchange to provide direct access to the Pentagon and Crystal City.




Other key 395 Express Lanes Extension project benefits include:

Anticipated project schedule:

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Visit the Virginia Department of Transportation 395 project page to find project environmental documents and other public materials.