Carpooling on the 395 Express Lanes

395 Express Lanes Carpooliung


To carpool in the 395 Express Lanes when the roadway opens in fall 2019, you'll need an E-ZPass Flex.

  • This switchable E-ZPass lets us know you are a carpooler so that you won't be charged a toll
  • The E-ZPass Flex can switch between HOV and toll-paying modes
  • On HOV mode, you will not be charged a toll for your trip
  • If traveling with fewer than three people, the E-ZPass Flex can be set to toll mode to pay a toll on the Lanes
  • E-ZPass Flex will pay tolls on any other road that accepts E-ZPass, regardless of the position of the switch

We will tell the difference between HOV and toll-paying customers by reading the E-ZPass in the vehicle and working with state police to enforce the HOV rules.

State troopers — funded by the project – will be stationed alongside the lanes to make sure those drivers switched to carpool mode have three people in the car.


Learn more about the benefits for carpoolers and how you will use the Express Lanes.


  • HOV-3 can travel in the Express Lanes toll-free
  • All drivers entering the Express Lanes will need an E-ZPass. Carpoolers will need an E-ZPass Flex. When the E-ZPass Flex is switched to HOV mode, you will not be charged a toll
  • Virginia State Police will enforce the lanes visually to confirm HOV-3 and work to catch violators


The 395 Express Lanes will improve HOV travel. Here's why:

  • E-ZPass and enhanced enforcement will help detour HOV violators in the lanes
  • HOV benefit will be available 24/7 and offer an incentive to carpool or slug outside of rush hours
  • Adding a third reversible travel lane will provide new roadway capacity and faster travel times
  • Providing direct access to both the Pentagon and Crystal City at the Eads Street interchange will improve the bottleneck near Eads Street