395 Express Lanes Design-Build

395 Express Lanes

Transurban is currently developing and delivering the 395 Express Lanes project, an eight-mile extension of the 95 Express Lanes along I-395 between the Turkeycock Run area near Edsall Road and the 14th Street Bridge. The 395 Project includes the following scope:

  • Reconfiguration and reconstruction of the two existing HOV lanes to three HOT lanes between Turkeycock Run (current terminus of the 95 Express Lanes) and the vicinity of Eads Street interchange, including traffic control, pavement modifications, signing, pavement markings and lighting;
  • Construction of modified entry and exit connections to the HOT lanes at Eads Street;
  • Installation of an electronic toll collection system (tolling system), including gantries and tolling equipment, and supporting infrastructure (e.g., fiber optic communications network, power, controllers, cabinets, etc.); and
  • Installation of a comprehensive traffic management system (TMS), including lane use management signals, variable speed limit signs, dynamic message signs, microwave vehicle detectors, closed circuit television cameras, automated incident detectors and supporting infrastructure (e.g., fiber optic communications network, power, controllers, cabinets, etc.).

The 395 project will also deliver additional improvements along the I-395 corridor including:

  • Widening of I-395 southbound to add a fourth through lane general purpose lanes between Duke Street (Route 236) and Edsall Road (Route 648);
  • Improvements to Route 648, Route 236, and associated interchange ramps, including a new entry ramp from Duke Street to the southbound I-395 general purpose lanes;
  • Construction of two sound barriers between Seminary Road (Route 420) and Duke Street (Route 236);
  • Rehabilitation of existing Department general purpose bridges on or over I-395; and
  • Reconstruction and reconfiguration of a portion of the South Parking Area at the Pentagon to enhance circulation for transit buses and carpools.

395 Express Lanes Contracting Opportunities

The Lane Construction Corporation is the selected Design-Builder. To discuss potential DBE/SWaM contracting opportunities, please contact Kai Earle at KEarle@laneconstruct.com.

To discuss all other contracting or employment opportunities related to design and construction of the 395 project, please contact Jason Tracy at JATracy@laneconstruct.com.