2018 Orange Cones. No Phones.

Announcing the launch of the 2018 Orange Cones. No Phones. campaign

The 2018 "Orange Cones. No Phones." campaign is a joint effort by Transurban, operator of the 495 and 95 Express Lanes, the Virginia Department of Transportation, Virginia State Police and AAA Mid-Atlantic. The campaign aims to improve safety by reducing distracted driving within the 395 Express Lanes work zone.

Read the press release announcing the campaign launch or check out the infographic about distracted driving in the Greater Washington D.C. area.

Distracted driving is a pervasive safety issue in the D.C. area. Self-reported data from the March 2018 survey of D.C. area drivers shows:

9 in 10 drivers
use a cellphone while behind the wheel.
of drivers admit to using a cellphone
at least occasionally while driving.
1 in 5 drivers who has had an accident or
near accident claims it was due to cellphone use.
of drivers in the survey said the last time they used their phone while driving was "today."
Nearly 3 out of 4 drivers
say they keep their phones close when driving, and one in six has it in their hand.
One-third of drivers agree "it's OK" to use
a cellphone while stopped at a red light, a stop sign or in traffic.
1 in 4 people admits that using a cellphone
for activities other than conversations while driving is "frightening."

There is good news:

7 out of 10 drivers say they stop
cellphone use while driving after seeing a sign advising them to do so.
Seeing a police officer causes 78% of drivers to stop cellphone use while on the roads.

We're working to improve safety in the 395 Express Lanes work zone:

The "Orange Cones. No Phones." Campaign includes a number of tactics supported by the study’s findings, industry data and best practices to improve safety for all drivers:

"Orange Cones. No Phones." on-road signs will be installed throughout the 395 Express Lanes work zone to provide a visual reminder to drivers to stay off their phones when traveling.

Additional Virginia State Police troopers on I-395 will help deter dangerous behavior and support driver safety.

Online and radio advertisements will reach drivers as they prepare for their commute, and during their time on the road.

Stakeholders throughout the region will be engaged to help increase awareness and spread the message.

It's up to drivers to keep their heads up – and put the phone down – to make sure everyone driving and working on the road is safe.

If your organization is interested in helping us reduce distracted driving, contact:

Mike McGurk